This is a blog to follow the refitting and sailing adventures of my Grampian 26, Sailing Vessel: Tallulah!

The Boat:

Acquired in April 2015, I paid a very reasonable amount of money (in the world of boating) for the vessel that was named “IN A LOU” at the time by replying to this Kijiji ad.


And this is what she looked like at the time of purchase.



The Captain:

My name is Leslie (don’t let the “ie” spelling fool you, I’m the female captain-hence “Elle Capitain”) and I was brought up around power boats, and fell in love with the water. I owned 2 small powerboats before deciding to switch to a sailboat at the age of 26. I spent 3 summers working (and learning) at a Marina while completing teachers college and waiting for a permanent teaching position. Now I teach grade 7 and spend as much time working on and enjoying my sailboat as possible.


*note: the dog thinks she’s The Captain

The Goal:

Buy a sailboat, teach myself to sail and enjoy the water on a budget, while doing all the refitting and maintaining on my own (as much as possible, with tips from others along the way)!


Follow along on my journey, and leave me your comments and tips as I go!